liOur Story!

In 2010, Bob Climan, founder of the remarkable US Young@Heart Chorus threw out a challenge to a small group of New Zealand senior singers to create New Zealand’s own version of a ‘seventies plus chorus’

The American group, on the back of their hugely successful documentary film 'Young@Heart Chorus' which told the story of a group of US septuagenarian and octogenarians singing current rock hits, had just completed a sell-out tour of New Zealand. Five New Zealanders had been commisioned to join the chorus on its New Zealand leg. Christina Bevan, a talented Auckland musician, had trained our singers in a repertoire of more than 40 songs, and she along with ‘the five’ took up the challenge to become NZ Young at Heart Chorus.

Today, Chris still leads the group as Musical Director. The group numbers around thirty singers and has gone from strength to strength singing in theatres, stadiums, schools, community halls, cathedrals and even in a prison. There is a strong tradition of singing songs from current charts as well as more familiar pop and rock favourites.

For this group, age is no barrier to enjoying music across the generations. Minds are kept sharp with sophisticated modern lyrics, sharp rock rhythms and harmonies.

Using music and song to bridge the generational gap is a feature of NZ Young at Heart Chorus. The choice of songs is strongly influenced by this principle. The inclusion of young guest singers to lead the Chorus and the teaming up with exciting young pop musicians in the band, not only adds a fresh and dynamic dimension to performances but provides opportunity for old and young, both audience and performers to grow closer in understanding and appreciation of each other in this shared experience.