New Zealand's own
seventies-plus chorus

Join Us

Rehearsals: Mondays : 10.30am - 12.30pm

(during school term)

Rawhiti Estate,

4 Rangitoto Ave, Remuera.

With the generous support of Rawhiti Estate we are able to have our weekly rehearsals in these beautiful facilities.

New members are welcome to visit during rehearsals, to sing along with the Chorus and to find out if the brand of music suits. The eligible age to join the Chorus is 70 years or over. A reasonable singing voice is required (there is an informal audition for each new singer.) Under 70’s are also welcomed into the Chorus as ‘singers in waiting’ and are eligible for a full participant/soloist role when they reach 70 years. The Young at Heart Chorus is an energetic and vibrant group, welcoming and very sociable. There is a strong culture of support and encouragement that permeates the group. But most dominant is the love of singing, courage to try something new and best of all a great sense of fun.

I confirm that I am able to make the practices and can 'hold a tune', I also understand that by filling in this form it doesn't mean that I am automatically accepted into the New Zealand Young @ Heart Chorus