Not your usual rock stars!

Musical, energetic and full of fun the NZ Young@Heart Chorus will surprise and thrill you as they challenge popular assumptions about old-age and ageing.

There are 30 singers in this dynamic group of Auckland “oldies” who are all over 70 years. Under the guidance of their talented musical director, Christina Bevan, the Chorus performs for audiences around Auckland and throughout New Zealand. Their eclectic repertoire is rehearsed weekly and includes songs from the 60s and 70s, right up to today’s current chart-toppers. These senior singers are equally at home with Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers and Pink as much as they are with Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, Elton John and Blondie.

Many words have been written about the NZ Young@Heart Chorus but there is only one way to feel the ‘vibe’ of these singers and that is to join an audience and hear them, so check out what’s ‘Coming Up’ and get along with all the family… and don’t forget to bring those tapping feet, clapping hands and clicking fingers.

Meet the Chorus

Chorus In Action

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