June 3, 2017
Our first Principal Sponsor – Summerset
May 14, 2017

Vector Arena The National Marching Championships




Our first ever outside gig and we sang the National Anthem

Bev, Pam, Deanna and Fraser

Barry Allpress, Trevor, Heloisa and Bill


(left to right) Back row :Barry B, Norman, Barry S, Bill, Juanita, Ron, Bev, Renee Middle Row: Beryl, Pam, Barry A, Jill, Jon, Chris Bevan, Ann, Heloisa Front Row: Deanna, Sam, Nola Cheryl, Ivan, Earl, Lyn, Syd on the floor: David, Trevor

Forever Young Programme. Performed at the Centennial Theatre Auckland and the St Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington

Forever Young programme details

Wellington Cathedral. The RVA biennial Choir Festival was held here and the Chorus entertained. We travelled down by bus and were accommodated by the wonderful residents of Summerset Aotea Village.

Chloe, Keyboard and Chris, Musical Director

Stuart with his hostess at Aotea Village

Sam, Ivan, Norman, John and Syd taking it easy at the Cathedral

Denise our hostess with Sheila and Norman

Peter and Sandra with their hostess

Nola and Bill with their hostess

Ivan, Ron and Barry

Sam with his hostess

Sue, Stuart Sandra and Graeme at the cathedral


Jill, Sandra, Pam and Peter at the Cathedral